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Personal Import Rules

Welcome to the Personal Import Rules database

If you are travelling to the United Kingdom (UK) or are having food products sent to you from outside the UK, use this database to check which products are or are not permitted as personal imports.

This database only includes products of animal origin (such as meat, dairy, fish etc.), fruits and vegetables. For information about any other food products, please click here.

The Rules:

  • Make it illegal to import banned products or to exceed any weight or quantity limits that apply. Illegal products will be seized and destroyed, you risk facing severe delays and you will be liable to action for a criminal offence including prosecution.
  • Apply to products brought in your personal luggage or sent by post (including those ordered online).
  • Relate to the country from which you will travel, or from which the products are sent, not to the country where the products may have been originally produced or packaged.
  • Apply to products for personal consumption only – for rules on commercial imports click here.
If you cannot find the category or product you are looking for, please contact Defra who will try to answer your query. We have a target of replying to e-mails within 15 working days, though in most cases you will receive a response before then. If you need an instant reply, please call the Helpline.

  • E-mail –
  • Helpline (from 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday) on 08459 33 55 77 or, from outside the UK, on +44 (0) 20 7238 6951.

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Page last modified: 17 February 2010